An analysis of the importance of internet censorship by individuals instead of governments

The Shifting Landscape of Global Internet Censorship

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Internet censorship

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Internet censorship in the Arab Spring

Popular tech companies—Google, Facebook, Twitter, and others—have strongly protected free speech online, a policy widely associated.

While I agree with many of the answers about the political motivation for China's internet censorship policies, I would like to point out there is also an economic motivation for it as well.

The level of Internet censorship in the Arab Spring was escalated. Lack of Internet freedom [disambiguation needed] was a tactic employed by authorities to quell protests.

Rulers and governments across the Arab world utilized the law, technology, and violence to control what was being posted on and disseminated through the Internet. It makes the internet ecosystem more competitive, and it likely makes the internet faster, allowing connections to take the best route instead of the only route.

important, however, is that certain methods for the circumvention of web censorship (such as p2p filesharing of censored content) are not be web-based. In which case it could be argued that web censorship and internet censorship are distinct phenomena.

Censorship of the Internet for Children Essay. Censorship of the Internet for Children The Internet is one of the most profound and important technological advancements of this era.

It has touched the lives of hundreds of millions of people all over the world.

An analysis of the importance of internet censorship by individuals instead of governments
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