Hispanic heritage month essay contest

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An Essay Contest to Commemorate National Hispanic Heritage Month

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are proud to sponsor the “Hispanic Heritage Month” essay contest in recognition of the rich heritage of Hispanic Americans. Within the last few years, The Pew Research Center recorded that educational attainment among U.S. Hispanic and Latino students increased significantly and furthermore, account for the largest minority group on U.S.

college campuses. Congratulations Faith Mobley and Brandon Miranda for their participation in the Hispanic Heritage Month Essay Contest. They received congratulatory letters from Governor Rick Scott. Fairlawn is very proud of our students!

Paying for school just got easier.

The Hispanic Heritage Month Essay Contest is open to high school students residing in Florida. To enter, you must submit a - word essay that is based on the following theme: "A Celebration of Innovative Hispanic - American Leaders.

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Hispanic heritage month essay contest
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CPS : Spotlight : Hispanic Heritage Month Essay Winners