Short essay on village life in pakistan

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A village life in pakistan essay

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Preview text: Pakistan is a country of villages; the majority of Pakistanis are villagers. Villages differ in different parts of Pakistan, for the people of Pakistan belong to different races.

But village life, in some ways, is much the same all over Pakistan. Gokarna is a village growing awkwardly and uncomfortably into a town. It is in this sense an adolescent, unsure of itself in the modern world, but in every other sense Gokarna is old, with a history that stretches into the remotest parts of human memory.

Introduction of Rural Life in Pakistan: As the modern technology has been arriving there are many new and sudden changes that are being captured in the village life. Many modern technologies are arriving in the villages that are related with the pumps and tube wells for irrigation.

This essay is the imagination of class(std.) 5 students and is of descriptive type. It can be expanded or can be made point wise for small classes. Choose 10 points from this to make point wise essay.

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Short essay on village life in pakistan
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