Should governments censor the internet

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Governments must not censor internet, says William Hague

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Internet censorship

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Should the government censor the Internet to prevent Internet crimes?

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Internet Censorship

Government in some countries have responded imposing strict censorship on Internet usage by the public through monitoring, filtering and access to some site in the internet in a bid to control access to information.

Internet censorship can be defined as the control or suppression of the publishing or accessing of information on the Internet. Some governments often censor the internet in parts of the world. During the Arab Spring, governments in Egypt and other Arab nations resorted to censoring social media and other key internet services to prevent the spread of information that the government claimed: “jeopardized national security.”.

How to Bypass Internet Censorship, also known by the titles: Bypassing Internet Censorship or Circumvention Tools, a FLOSS Manual, 10 Marchpp. "How to bypass internet censorship: The current state of internet censorship", The Times of India, 14 November "Free Speech in the Age of YouTube" in the New York Times, 22 September As well as having a total Internet blackout, for example in North Korea, Burma and Turkmenistan, governments are also choosing to implement stringent censorship measures, blocking things like Twitter, the short messaging service, and severely depriving their citizens of the many benefits of being on the net and technologically aware.

And the number of countries choosing to do that may be a lot higher than. Yes the government should be able to censor the internet if it needs to. The internet should not be viewed as a place where laws of a nation are forgotten. If material is found to be breaking a law and would be censored offline then it should be censored online too.

Governments must not censor internet, says William Hague Foreign secretary, in challenge to China and Russia, tells cyber summit global treaties to police web would be counter-productive Nick Hopkins.

Should governments censor the internet
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