Smoking ban in england essay

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If you thought you already had a good contender for “most dangerous, irresponsible, and ill-informed piece of health journalism of ”, then I’m sorry to tell you that it. Essay title: Smoking Ban in Uk Salma Aslam 20/11/06 The UK should be a smoke free zone.

People against the smoking ban argue that separate designated smoking areas with good ventilation is a better alternative then banning smoking in public places altogether. The government doesn’t want to stop there with banning smoking. Smoking Ban in England Essay - Robin McKie believes that smoking is not only harmful to the individual person, but to the society as a whole.

His main arguments are quotes and data from medical reports that suggest smoking can cause heart attacks, several forms of cancer, breathing difficulties and a generally more feeble health.

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If smoking is banned in public places it safeguards the life of the smoker as well as that of the public. Studies have shown that second hand smoke kills. Second hand smoke causes sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), respiratory infections and. Event.

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Smoking ban in england essay
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Secondhand Smoke Studies: The Hype and The Deceit