Write a short note on means of transport

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Short essay on Road Transport (India)

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Very Short Essay on Transport and Communication

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FREE Transport Worksheets This section is all about transport and whether you are talking about transportation domestically or internationally, it is a topic that is relevant to everyone. While the majority of worksheets are for lower level learners, you can talk about this topic with advanced students too.5/5(5).

Short Paragraph on “Transport System in India” ( Words) Transport is a system in which passengers and goods move from one place to another. Development of cheap and efficient means of transport is necessary for the progress of a large and developing country like India.

Transport routes are the basic economic arteries of the country [ ]. Mode of transport is a term used to distinguish substantially different means of conveyance.

The different modes of transport are air, water, and land transport, which includes rail, road and off-road transport. So transport is also divided into three types and these are surface transport, air transport and water transport. Communication is the medium through which news and feelings of the people are sent from one place to another without meeting the people.

It means, sending of news, information and feelings through any medium is known as communication.

What is a short note about global warming?

Means of transportation Road transport. for short or even for long distances. In urbain cities people use trames and underground to go to work. The Chineese use bicycles and motorbikes on their daily life to go to work or to school as an attempt to avoid the trafic during the day.

Click on the errors: Stop: End of the free exercise to. transport means a way by which we can travel from one place to another. vehicles are the examples of means of transport include cars,trains,buses,cycles etc.

Write a short note on means of transport
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Land, Water and Air Transport